Saturday, March 16, 2013

Northern California Coast Trip - Day 8 (Morro Bay & McClintock's)

The last day of our trip we drove to Morro Bay.  Morro Bay rock is the landmark here.  It just seems to rise out of the ocean - so beautiful!  There were some low clouds hanging around the mountain that gave it an eerie feel.  Colton and Kyle changed into swimsuits and had so much fun jumping through the big, rolling waves.  Mark, Bryan, and Morgan had fun playing soccer together.  I enjoyed taking in my beautiful family as we all enjoyed just being together!

For dinner we headed to F. McClintock's Steak House in Pismo Beach.  This is a restaurant Mark would go to with his family as a little kid.  He also took me there on our honeymoon.  One of his favorite parts as a kid, and something that is still traditional there today, is to pour the water from really high up, every time they fill your glass.  They will also have you hold your glass on top of your head while they do it.  Sometimes it can get a little wet!

One of our favorite parts of the evening was when the servers stood on chairs behind our kids, blindfolded, and proceeded to pour the water from way above their heads into the kids glasses on their heads.  So funny!  They definitely got a little wet that time!  Amazingly though, not as much as you might think.  Those guys are good!!  Then food here is incredible, and we left completely stuffed!

Our entire trip was so much fun, and something that we will all remember forever!  I sure love hanging out with my family!!

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