Friday, March 29, 2013

BRYAN'S 16th BiRtHdAy!!

For Bryan's big 16th birthday we had a family party.  He chose all his meals for the day (as is the tradition in our family), and we had cake (his favorite "Better than .... everything" cake), ice cream, and opened presents.  Little did he know I had actually also planned a surprise party for him that weekend...actually, I think he probably suspected something.  It WAS after all his SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY!  Woo hoo!

This was a super fancy soccer ball that Bryan's favorite pro team uses.  He was SO excited!

We all wrote things we love about Bryan on a great, big poster board and gave it to him...

My kids all ADORE holding and playing with Sarah's baby, Carter.

Bryan finally got a phone!  In our family, we wait until our kids are 16 to give them a phone.  We figure until their driving, they are always around a phone and they don't really need one (even if they totally disagree with that theory ;).

That weekend it was time for our surprise party.  Mark took Bryan out to do some errands.  We all gathered in the kitchen so Bryan wouldn't see us until he rounded the corner after coming in through the garage...

LOVE the look on his face!

Opening presents from his friends... and a few more from us.

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