Monday, October 31, 2011

monsters on PARADE

On Halloween day the kids' school put on a wonderful Halloween parade.  All the kids came looking scary or cute (well they were ALL pretty cute - even if they were meant to be scary)!

Kyle was a vampire (again - his choice)...

Colton was a ninja...

Morgan was a flapper girl.  She had to ask me what a flapper was.  She just liked the outfit.

Kyle with his AMAZING teacher.  Honestly.  She's wonderful and SO good with him!

Colton's class (that's his teacher in the Dorothy costume on the far right).

Kyle's class went back to the classroom after the parade for a fun Halloween party.  His teacher planned everything.  She is adorable!

And here they are before heading out to trick or treat that night.  Kyle's ready to take a bite out of Morgan!  Bryan went trick or treating with a bunch of his friends from church.  He's growing up so fast!

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