Friday, October 21, 2011

Taylor Swift in Concert!

Mark and I gave Morgan a pretty awesome surprise.  We bought tickets to Taylor Swift here in Phoenix, but didn't tell her.  Mark had to go on a work trip to New Orleans.  I told Morgan we were just going to pick him up at the airport and then go get some dinner together - just her and us.

We got to the airport, picked up Mark, and started driving.  When we got near the concert and pulled in to park, we told Morgan that Mark had to go get something for work out of this office building.  We were walking in with all these people, and she saw the sign for the concert, but still just thought we were going in to do something for Mark's work in this building.

We walked in the door and I handed the usher our tickets.  Then I handed Morgan her camera and said, "You might need this."  She looked at me really confused.  Then you could just see it click in her eyes.  She got a big grin and said, "We're going to see Taylor Swift?!!"  It was awesome!
 Professional cameras weren't allowed, so I had to use my old camera.  The pictures were not great of the actual concert, but you can still make Taylor out.

Fun night!  The funniest part was seeing Mark sing all the lyrics to EVERY song!  He borrows Morgan's Taylor Swift CD's all the time to listen to when driving to and from work.  Pretty cute!

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