Thursday, October 6, 2011

Colton's Field Trip to the Halle Heart Children's Museum

This was a fun day I got to spend with Colton and his class learning about the amazing heart!  These kids learned so much about hearts.  It was really fun.  

Here they played games on the computers about the human body.  Colton put all the organs in the body in their proper place in the picture.

Next, he and his friends went shopping in a store with play food to see if they could get the right amounts of food from the different food groups to make healthy meals.

Then the kids were able to see the difference in heart sizes between different animals.  They could also hear recordings of how fast those hearts beat.  Colton is showing me an elephant and it's heart.

Here Colton was putting a golf ball through a long tube (the intestines) to try and make a hole-in-one.

Next the kids learned about healthy foods and eating.

Here they were running and jumping in place to get their heart rates up...

...then they had a stethoscope put over their heart.  The balls in front of Colton "jumped" in time to his thumping heart!
I really loved being able to spend this time with Colton.  It is so fun to see him learning and enjoying it!

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