Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Fun at Vertuccio Farms

There is a great farmers market called Vertuccio Farms near us that offers all kinds of seasonal activities for kids.  Before Halloween I decided to take Colton and Kyle there for their corn maze and some other fun activities.  We had so much fun!

Here we are entering the maze.

Here we are in the corn maze, looking at directions to try and find a list of characters hidden in the maze.  The kids did rubbings at each station as they found a character.

These bouncy horses were a lot of fun as they raced each other around the coral.
 These two boys are such great friends (99% of the time).  They really love each other a lot.

These were bicycle tractors they had fun riding...

Then there was a huge bounce pad thing that sloped down at the edges.  They bounced around here for probably 30 minutes nonstop.  So fun!

Last we took a train ride with a tractor pulling barrels that had been carved out for us to sit in them.  Fun!

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