Friday, November 4, 2011

time out for women

I LOVE the program "Time Out for Women".  It's a weekend that happens once a year here in Phoenix where a group of wonderful speakers come to downtown Phoenix and speak about women.  It really gives me that lift I need to be a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  I learn so much and feel so great at the end of the weekend.  I laugh and cry and have such a great time with friends.  I come away with tools I can use with my family to help us be closer and to live the gospel better.

This year also included a separate conference, happening adjacent to the women's one, called "Time Out for Girls".  Morgan came with me and attended that one with some of her friends.  We all had a great time!

One of our speakers was Shawni Pothier (a local here) and her mother, Linda Eyre.  Shawni is a wonderful photographer and mom and I love reading her blog, 71toes.  Linda has written a plethora of parenting books with her husband and created Joyschool which I loved using with all my kids when they were preschoolers (and my mom used it with me!).  They had such great advice about parenting and were so uplifting...(excuse the really bad camera phone pictures)

Another speaker who spoke to both the women and the girls was Laurel Christensen.  Both groups LOVED her!  She's the one in the center below...

Other speakers included Brad Wilcox (LOVE him!!), Hilary Weeks, Macy Robison, Mary Ellen Edmunds, Matthew Baldwin, Kris Belcher (SO funny!), and D. Kelly Ogden.  What a fabulous bunch...and SO what I needed!

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