Saturday, December 15, 2012

pretzels and a gingerbread house!

One of our favorite traditions is making caramel wrapped chocolate dipped pretzel rods...YUMMY!  It's kind of hard to give them away because we all love to EAT them so much.  Each year we make about 150 of them.  Just wrapping the caramel takes about 1 1/2 hours...but it is SO worth it!

One of our other favorite traditions is making our gingerbread house and decorating it...stained glass windows and all!  Sarah, Josh, Jace, and Carter also bring their house and we do it together.  This year Morgan's friend, Savannah, also joined us!

 My sister, Brittany, was also there.  SO glad to have her!  Grandma and grandpa Bybee also came (they are the ones who started this!).  We LOVE it!

Colton LOVES taking care of Carter.  If Carter starts crying, Colton races to comfort him.

C'mon Morgan...give me a kiss!

After gingerbread houses, Kyle and Jace curled up to watch a Disney Christmas special.  Those two are like brothers.  Kyle relishes the opportunity to be a big brother (being the youngest, he's never had that opportunity).  He is SO good with Jace.  They have a BLAST together.

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