Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kyle's Field Trip to the ARIZONA SCIENCE CENTER

I had the opportunity to chaperone Kyle's class field trip to the Arizona Science Center.  I had been there before with his class last year and we had a blast!  We were both looking forward to going again.

This was the outdoor area with all kinds of gadgets to play with water and balls.  They could have stayed out there for hours...but there was a ton more to see!

This machine let the kids have a tug-o-war using pulleys (one side consistently beat the other).  I love the intense look on Kyle's face here.

This lady was teaching the kids about how water and oil make different things happen to a clear rod when placed inside.  In one of them, it looks like the rod completely disappears.  The kids were amazed! (me too!)

This race car was built entirely out of Legos!  The kids thought that was awesome.
 There were so many other things we got to see and do.  That place is so much fun for kids and adults alike!!  I especially enjoyed going because I got to spend the day with my Kyle!!

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