Wednesday, December 26, 2012

hangin' at the ZOO

The day after Christmas I decided to take Morgan, Colton, and Kyle to the Phoenix Zoo.  We had bought a Pogo Pass this year that gave us two trips to the zoo.  Because I didn't have to pay anything at the gate, I decided that this time, we would do all the things we never usually do in the park because we usually have to pay such a steep price just to get in.

We started with petting the stingrays...

As I was doing some video of the kids, Morgan and Colton totally got splashed by a stingray that used its fin to totally SOAK them.  They were great sports about it.  I passed my camera to Morgan so she could take some video of which time I completely got soaked by a different stingray!

Next we went to feed the giraffes.  This was SO fun...

Look at the tongue on that thing!

Next they rode the camels.  Morgan opted out of that one....


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