Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Colton's bAnD cOnCeRt

Colton was at a different school last year and decided to play the flute with the band there.  He learned the flute and is actually very talented at it!  This year, when we started at a new school, we discovered that kids couldn't start playing an instrument until 6th grade (as opposed to 5th at our old school).  This meant that if Colton kept on going with the flute, he would be bored out of his mind all year because they would be learning the stuff he just finished learning the year before.  The solution?  He asked me if he could learn the trumpet!  I was all for it, and he has excelled at that just as much as he did the flute.  I'm telling you - TALENTED KID!  I have to say he's quite the pianist, too - but that's another subject.

This was his Christmas band concert.  They played multiple songs, and actually sounded really great!  I really like his teacher, but more importantly, Colton does too.

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