Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ScOuTiNg FuN!

February started with our ward's Pinewood Derby...always a favorite for the kids.  Depending on the parent, this can be a lot of work.  In our family, we really do let our scout do most of the work.  Kyle drew his design on the block of wood, I cut it out on my scroll saw, Kyle painted it, then Mark installed the wheels.  Done.  Kyle loved it!

This year I was serving in the Stake Primary Presidency, so we hosted all of the wards throughout the day for each of their Pinewood Derbies.  I was in my scout shirt along with the boys.  Bryan also got to help run things as a Boy Scout...

Colton had been working hard as an 11-year-old Scout in Boy Scouts.  He has been progressing up through the ranks of the scouting program, with his eye on getting his Eagle eventually.  Good job Colton!

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