Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Little Cubs

We had a pack meeting tonight. Kyle received an award.  He's pretty new to cub scouts, and he took this pack meeting pretty seriously...

This was a big night for Colton, because he had finished all his requirements to earn the highest honor in Cub Scouts - the Arrow of Light award!

 Our Cubmaster had Colton remove his belt so everyone could see all the beltloops he had earned.  They didn't even fit on his belt anymore!

There was a special "mother's pin" he got pin on me...


Then he got to cross over the bridge, signifying leaving Cub Scouts to enter Boy Scouts.  The boys he is walking over to are 11-year-old Scouts and they welcomed him in a unique way...

They each put a hand on Colton's shouler, left then right, and gave it a pat.  Then Colton moved to the next boy who did the same.

His new leaders are Brother Schroeder and Brother Lundell.
 He was so excited to be moving up!  My boys have all really enjoyed the Scouting program.  It is great way for boys to learn how to be good men!

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