Friday, August 3, 2012

books make great friends

It is always so fun for me to see my children wrapped up in a book.  This is because I completely understand being able to lose yourself in a fun story.  It becomes painful to put the book down because you have to see what is going to happen next.  It's like living in a dreamworld in which your mind is guided in creating a completely different world.  You lose track of time and anything else happening around you.  For awhile you get to become someone else - you experience the excitement, heartaches, fear, joy, and learning of a character.  You become a part of that story.

My kids have learned this joy created by reading a book.  Each one of them LOVES to read...just like me.  It's really fun to see them choosing to read.

It's funny, because although I periodically go through toys and clothes, donating what has been outgrown, I will never donate a book (unless it's one we really don't like).  Books to me are like old friends.  I love them and will hold on to them for my kids to share with their children at some future point - or there will be some waiting for future grandkids to enjoy when they come to grandma and grandpa's house.  I enjoy seeing picture books that my kids have completely outgrown, because it brings back a flood of memories associated with each book.

In the picture below, Colton and Kyle had created a fort in the hallway outside both their rooms.  I passed that hall and found Kyle quietly reading by his fort. He was totally wrapped up in the story and never even noticed me as I took this picture.

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