Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a "Purse-onal" Day

Our stake did the cutest Stake Girl's Activity Day!  It was all based on having a "purse-onal" day.  The decorations were all purses and girly cute stuff.  The invitations were amazing!  A lot of time and effort went in to making these girls (about 300 from ages 8-11) feel special.  They had a class on what goes in your purse.  They pulled out an over-sized lipgloss and talked about the words that should come out of our mouths.  They had a class where they sang a Primary song that was professionally recorded.  Each group sang a different song and the girls will receive a CD containing all the songs that were sung.  They decorated their own big purses (tote bags).  Then they had a class on inner beauty.  Then they sat down to the most beautifully decorated luncheon and had a class on manners while they were eating lunch and cupcakes.

 Please excuse the blurry pictures - they were all taken with my cell phone.
 My sweet Morgan felt SO pampered!  I am so glad I got to share this special day with her!

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