Sunday, August 8, 2010

Colton turns NINE

My sweet Colton is such a gem!  I get more hugs and "I love you's" from that kid in a day than I can count (and I SO need those)!  

It's been really fun to watch my kids get excited about spending the money they earn to buy presents for their siblings on their birthdays.  I don't think my siblings and I ever did that.  It's not something I've taught them, they just all like to get things for each other on their birthdays.  They work really hard on most Saturdays, and also a little during the week, doing extra chores (some chores are just required and receive no payment) to earn some cash.  Many times their money is spent on candy, but they also love saving up for each others gifts.

Anyhow, this year my kids were really excited about beanbags, so one sibling or another has saved up to buy a beanbag each time a birthday rolled around.  For Colton's birthday, it was Bryan who surprised him with his long awaited beanbag.

Like the candles?  Unprepared mom forgot to buy candles so tea lights were the stand in...

 Bryan and Colton with Colton's beanbag.

 Morgan got Colton these Acai Berries that my kids all love from Costco.  She also got him a lamp for next to his bed (my kids all LOVE to read).

Heidi, grandpa, and grandma Bybee came over to celebrate!

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