Friday, August 13, 2010

back to school & APPENDICITIS?

The first day of school was more fun for some people in our family than it was for others.  My kids all enjoy school - not always the homework - but school and seeing their friends everyday...that they enjoy.  

The day before school Bryan was in severe pain all day.  Once he was diagnosed that afternoon, they had an operating room ready for him a half-hour later.  He ended up going in for emergency surgery to remove his appendixThe surgeons and staff were absolutely amazing and so sweet to us and to Bryan.  The actual surgery was only about 20 minutes, but afterward Bryan felt a world better.  He was so happy to not be in such horrible pain.  The surgeons gave him a great compliment - they said his insides were textbook perfect; beautiful; not an ounce of fat anywhere.  Now Bryan brags about his insides...
 These 3 pics were taken with my cell phone, so please excuse the quality.
 My not so little anymore boy was putting on a tough face, but he was in a whole lot of pain at this point (these pictures were taken right before they wheeled him in for surgery).  I tried to not show Bryan how worried I was, but as soon as he was out of sight I burst into tears.  No parent enjoys watching their child go into surgery.  There's always a bucket load of "what ifs".  I was so relieved when the surgeon came in to reassure us that all had indeed gone well.

He was back to school 2 days after surgery - I am amazed at how quick his recovery was!  He actually went on a scout campout and then to soccer tryouts 2 weeks after surgery.

My kids all LOVE their teachers.  I am so glad.  They spend as much time with them as I do.  Thank goodness for the gift of wonderful teachers!

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