Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wolves visit the new Gilbert Temple!

Kyle is LOVING cub scouts!  For their activity today they visited the new Gilbert, Arizona temple, which is under construction.  We are SO EXCITED to have a Temple right across from our neighborhood!  We can't wait for it to be finished!  We found out it was going to be built just a few months before we moved here.  When we heard it was going to be 1/4 mile from our new house we just thought that it was perfect.  For us, the temple is a symbol of our ability to be together as a family FOREVER, not just "until death do us part".  Being married in the temple, by someone who holds the priesthood, "seals us" to our family so that if we keep our Heavenly Father's commandments, we can be with our family forever.

A temporary Visitor's Center was set up in a trailer adjacent to the construction site.  Our little Wolf den got to go inside and talk with someone about the temple.  They got to look at plans of the temple.  The highlight was when they each got to pick out a stone from a piece of granite that was supposed to be used on the temple, but had broken into a lot of pieces.  They let people who come by take a piece of the temple home with them!  The stone used for the temple has a lot of sparkly pieces in it that shine when you rotate the stone in the sun.  What a fun souvenir!

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