Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Nights with the CARROLL'S

We have some of the greatest friends.  We've known Josh and Sarah since the day we moved into the same apartments as them in Houston, Texas.  They were in our new ward and we became fast friends.  We've known them now for 12 years!  In Houston we would get together almost every weekend to hangout and play Cranium, or watch movies, or play the Wii.  They've babysat our kids when we've left town, and supported us and our children through a lot of milestones.  WE LOVE THEM!

When we moved to Arizona we REALLY missed them.  Lucky for us, they moved only a couple miles from us a couple years ago.  Now we're back to our regular Saturday night get togethers and LOVING IT!

Their son, Jace just fits right in with Colton and Kyle.  They love to play with him - especially Kyle.  It gives him the chance to be in the "big brother" role.  That's new for him since he is my youngest.

Here they are kicking back on our beanbag watching a movie together.  I love how Jace feels totally comfortable laying his feet across Colton, and Colton loves it!

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