Saturday, April 7, 2012


My sister, Kacie, surprised our family with a surprise visit over Easter weekend.  She decided to come 55 minutes before the plane was scheduled to leave.  She drove down to the airport (15 minutes away), bought a ticket, hopped on the plane, then showed up at Colton's baseball game a couple hours later!  Crazy!  My mom and I saw her walking over with my dad and said, "Who's that walking with dad?  It looks kind of like Kacie, but it couldn't be."  But it was!

Here are some fun pictures of the Easter egg hunt we did the evening before Easter Sunday...


with my kiddos...

Morgan does NOT like to look silly.

The kids were each allowed to find 13 eggs.  We went one by one from youngest to oldest, so the older ones had to hunt for the hardest ones!  All the eggs had candy.  Some of them had some coins in them.  A few had dollar bills.  One had a five dollar bill.

Sarah came over with Jace to do the hunt too.  He was thinking he would rather have a nap.

When we were getting ready to go out and do the hunt I asked Bryan, "Are you doing the hunt?" (thinking he might think he was too old for such things).  "For sure!" was his reply.  He wasn't missing out on candy and free money!

Sarah and Kacie looked around the yard to find some of the final well hid eggs so they could hint to the kids who were looking.

My mom.

Bryan hadn't got any of the eggs with dollar bills last year, but he was such a good sport about it and was so happy for Colton and Kyle who had gotten them.  This year he ended up with the only five dollar bill and two one dollar bills!  That's karma baby!

Jace was very proud of his two quarters.

Happy Easter!!

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Kacie said...

That was such a fun trip. I was so glad that I hopped on that plane and came. Net, you do such a great job on your blog. You are amazing. Love you sis.