Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cookies, hearts, candy, love, conversation hearts, suckers, cards = VALENTINE'S DAY!  Elementary school has lots of fun holiday parties.  The hard part is dividing my time enough to be able to visit each of my children's classrooms.  I can't stand to miss out on any of them.  I love being a fly on the wall in my children's classrooms - seeing how they interact with their friends and teachers.

Here's Morgan...

 with her friend Ella...
 and her most favorite teacher ever!  Seriously, she was amazing and so much fun!!

 Next I went to Kyle's class.  He was so proud of his Valentine bag.

 ...having fun with his friend Kaden.

Then I got to go to Colton's class.  They all LOVE posing for the camera.
 ...passing out Valentines

I still remember looking at conversation hearts stuffed in envelopes from boys I thought were cute - wondering if they hand picked those phrases for me.  Valentine's day is so fun!

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