Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This Christmas we got to go see Santa at the North Pole...and we got there on the magical Polar Express train! It was only four days until Christmas, so the North Pole was very busy as Santa and his elves were making last minute preparations for Santa's trip around the world on Christmas Eve!  It left from the mountains of northern Arizona.  We drove about four hours from Phoenix, through a pretty good snowstorm to get there.

Before getting on the train we hung out at the train station where my children were able to view this spectacular toy train setup...

 Pretty soon we heard the whistle of the train.  As we walked out we were greeted by The Polar Express!  There was so much excitement in the air as we heard the rumble of this huge train going by right in front of us!  
My kids were BEYOND excited as we boarded the train.
 We were ALL dressed in our PJ's - just like the storybook.
 Grandma and grandpa Bybee came too...
 along with Uncle Matt, Aunt Kacie, and Taylor too.  My brother Matt, his wife Maria, and their two boys McKay and Logan came too (they just took a different train).

 As our train hurried off through the mountains on its trek to the North Pole and Santa we sipped hot chocolate and listened to one of the attendants on our train tell the story of THE POLAR EXPRESS.

 Kyle was VERY interested in everything that was happening.  All of my children love the story of The Polar Express.
 Taylor and Morgan were buddies on the trip.
 We sang Christmas carols together, then the train began to slow down as lights were seen in the distance.  We were coming to the North Pole!!
 We could see the elves working away in their village!
 We stopped...then guess who got on the train?!
 It was Santa!!  He gave each of the children their very own big jingle bell to remember their trip to the North Pole.
 I love the look on Colton's face in the picture above, and Kyle's in the picture below.  This was magical!  They were actually at the North Pole seeing Santa!

 More Christmas carols were sung on the return trip...

 What an amazing trip!!

On the drive back to Phoenix we pulled over to the side of the road to let the kids play in the snow.  Kyle didn't remember ever touching snow.  We moved to Phoenix when he was four-years-old.  Before that we were in Houston where it DID snow on Christmas Eve...ONCE - but Kyle was too young to remember.

He was so amazed by the snow!  It was hilarious to watch.  The first time he bent down to pick some up he immediately dropped it.  He didn't realize it was so cold!

Our trip was a TON of fun.  We can't wait to come back!!

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