Friday, December 24, 2010


The POLAR BEAR CHALLENGE began last year, the Christmas after we built our pool.  Mark enticed our children with the promise of $10 each if they would jump off the waterfall into the deep end of our pool (that way there was no way they wouldn't go all the way under the cold water).  It was Christmas Eve day and the water temperature was in the way was I going in!  Mark tried to convince me but I told him it would take a lot more than $10!

We started with the youngest...
 Kyle enjoys proving daily that he is every bit as big as his older siblings.

 Mark was ready with a nice warm towel to wrap each of the kids up in...

 One towel was not was COLD!!
 Here goes Bryan....

 Yikes that's cold!!
 Bombs away Colton!!

 Everyone except Morgan took a turn.  It takes a lot more than 10 bucks to convince us girls to brave that cold water!
 Kyle apparently hadn't had enough because he decided to take another dip!

 Can you tell by the look in his eyes how quickly he is trying to reach the edge of the pool?
Another successful POLAR BEAR CHALLENGE!

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