Friday, October 22, 2010

lemonade for sale!

As the weather finally started to cool off in October, Morgan, Colton, and Kyle started asking if they could do a lemonade stand.  Their asking brought some nostalgia as I remembered doing exactly the same thing - envisioning all the money I could make.  They said they would purchase the lemonade themselves, but could I please provide the cups?  Of course I could.

The Saturday they chose to set this up was just warm enough for their customers to be enticed to buy their product, but not so hot that they would be miserable sitting outside for a few hours in the sun.  They made a cute sign...
From inside the house I could hear them yelling, "Ice cold lemonade!  Fifty cents a glass!  Get your lemonade!".  When a car drove by, they jumped up and down, giving their sales pitch.  After a few minutes of this (and a couple of customers) I thought it best to try out their product.  When I did, I realized there was not a lot of lemonade in this lemonade.  I asked if they had followed the directions on the canister when they made the lemonade.  They said, "No, we just tasted it."  I quickly got the lemonade canister and doctored up the lemonade a little stronger (sorry first two customers!).

They stayed out there for a good 3 hours.  They made $13 and had a ton of fun doing it.  I daresay there are many more lemonade stands in their future!

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