Friday, October 15, 2010

FALL BREAK trip to Sedona, Arizona - DAY FOUR

We started this day with a hike to "Robber's Roost".  It was one of our favorites.  Getting there took about 30 minutes on a dirt road, then another 10 minutes on a "high-clearance vehicles only" trail (translation: extremely bumpy even at a very slow speed).  The hike itself only took about 20 minutes, but it did make you work hard to get up to the Roost.  Towards the end of the hike you have to carefully walk along the edge of a cliff.  The kids were a little nervous on that part.  Once you got to the roost it was an amazing view!

 Later that afternoon we did a hike on Crescent Moon Creek Walk.  It was a super easy walk, starting at Crescent Moon Ranch, that ran along the edge of Oak Creek looking right up at one of the most well-known Sedona formations - Cathedral Rock.

 There were many trail markers along the way...hundreds of them.  People have a lot of fun leaving their mark.  Colton and Kyle didn't recognize what they were until we explained.  Up to that point they looked like fun towers of blocks just begging to be knocked down.
 At the conclusion of the trail everyone sat down to work on perfecting their walking sticks.

 The rocks at the bottom of the picture below are what you use to cross the creek.  The crossing is about 25 feet across.  We ended up with more than a few soggy shoes.  Amazingly, even though it was October, there were people leisurely swimming in the creek (there are several deeper areas along the creek).

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