Friday, March 26, 2010

My LOVE BUG Colton

I call Colton my love bug.  He is the lovingest kid! 

He is so compassionate.  Other people being sad makes him sad.  He loves to do things to make other people happy.  He just has a heart of gold.  

Just an illustration: When he knew Morgan's birthday was coming up, he spent $20 of his own money to buy her something he knew she had really been wanting.  It takes my kids a long time to earn that much money doing extra chores around the house.  He didn't think twice.  He used HIS OWN BIRTHDAY MONEY from his grandma ($10) to help purchase the gift for Morgan.

That's just the kid he is.  He loves to make people happy - especially those he loves.  We love you, Colton!

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