Saturday, March 6, 2010


I think it's so adorable that my little girlie girl, who loves dressing up, loves the color pink, is such the drama queen - that girl - also has loved playing sports and is more into bugs than any of my boys.  She's the one you call to kill spiders or any creepy crawlies.  She's the one who led Colton and Kyle on cricket hunts in the backyard, collecting dozens.  When we lived in Texas, she was the one who would catch frogs and lizards to keep as pets in her room (unbeknownst to us until we found them - not alive - hiding in a sock or under a bed).  Yes, Morgan is a girl with a wide range of talents and interests.  I am so glad (most of the time).

These were some pics I took of her during softball season.  They took first place in the league!  My favorite is the last one - a closeup of her in her helmet blowing a bubble with her bubble gum.  Go Morgan!!


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