Friday, September 3, 2010

i LOVE arizona sunsets!

For anyone who has never been to Arizona, the sunsets here are amazing!  Night after night of this colorful, beautiful show.  I am in awe every single time.  My children are also amazed.  It is not uncommon as we are racing to the next soccer practice, gymnastics, or scouting whatever to hear, "Oh my gosh mom - look how cool the sky looks!"  Every once in a while I have to run and grab my camera to just capture the moment.  Heavenly Father sure loves us!

 I'm not much of a morning person, so I usually don't catch the sunrises that often, but I happened to be driving Bryan to soccer tryouts at 6am one morning and caught this one...
 I didn't have my camera when I first saw the sky that morning, but I thought it was worth grabbing my camera and going back out to get the shot - so pretty!

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