Wednesday, September 29, 2010

go mormon

On the way to school this morning I heard Morgan and Colton behind me saying this to each other: "Do you have families can be together forever?  Go mormon.  Do you have a blinding light?  Go mormon.  Do you have a temple?  Go mormon."  When I asked them what they were doing they explained that they were playing Go Fish with Pass Along cards from church.  I laughed all the way to school.  Those kids are so darn silly and creative!

For some background, Kyle absolutely LOVES pass along cards.  He takes a stack every week at church.  He loves the pictures and what they represent.  Because he has so many, there always seems to be a stack in the car - that is how Morgan and Colton came to have them on the way to school.  

For anyone who is not of our faith, pass along cards are a simple way for members of our church to give those who are not members a chance to learn what we believe in a very casual, no pressure way.  They have a picture on the front and a message on the back with a phone number or web address for the person to get more information or a free gift about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (referred to as Mormons sometimes because of our belief in the Book of Mormon as scripture - along with the Bible).  If you have ever had questions about what Mormons believe click here, for a great website that will probably answer every question you could have. 

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