Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Annual Gingerbread House

Decorating gingerbread houses is something my mom and dad with our family every single Christmas growing up.  My mom had her own recipe for the gingerbread, and her own pattern, complete with a stained glass window made from Livesavers candy!  We ALWAYS looked forward to it, and my kids do too!  I cut and bake all the pieces, then allow them to harden up for a day or two on the counter.  Then we "glue" them together with royal icing, and let that sit for another day or two - because we will be loading that sucker up with lots of candy and don't want it to cave in (we've learned from experience).

 Then it's time to decorate!  I always buy lots of different candy, but leave it to the kids to decide how they want to decorate.  If they can't agree, sometimes we give them each a wall of the house, and then they work together on the roof...whatever works!  I am usually the one squeezing out the icing as they put on the candy...

For the last few years Sarah, Josh, and their kids have brought a house of their own, and we have done it together.  So fun!

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