Sunday, June 16, 2013

June happenings

We started the summer out with Kyle going to Cub Scout Day Camp.  The boys always LOVE this.  The heat is INTENSE here in Phoenix, but each station you stop at, they literally SOAK you.  They keep you wet all day so you won't get hot.  The favorite part of day camp is always the BB Guns and Archery.  They also have a pool there, so the swimming is a blast too.  There are lots of games, and they boys pass off a TON of stuff.

I got this shot of Kyle tying his tie as we were walking into Church one Sunday...made me chuckle it was so cute.  He's getting so grown up!
I found this note Kyle had written to himself.  Mark was teaching him how to tie his own tie, and he took notes because he wanted to be able to remember.  I thought that was SO CUTE!

Our house is Grand Central Station for our kid's friends.  They love hanging out in the pool, and we love having them!

LOVE this shot!  I snuck it from inside the house when I saw Bryan and Kyle taking a breather from yard work together.  Kyle totally looks up to his big brother, and Bryan is such a great example to him!

We had fun making stuff for Mark for Father's Day!  We gave him a hammock...

but his favorite part is always all the homemade stuff...

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