Saturday, March 10, 2012


Kyle has been begging from the time he was about 5 years old to play football.  I always discouraged it because I always hear about how horribly hurt kids can get playing football.  Yes, you can get hurt playing anything.  Yes, you can get hurt walking down the street.  But.  They wouldn't wear all those pads for no reason.  Their bodies get slammed.  And I really didn't want any of my little boys getting slammed.

This year it turned out there was a team of boys from our ward who decided to form a team.  We were also excited to have a coach from our ward coaching our boys who also coaches at the high school level.  He is so good with those boys!  I gave in to Kyle's football mania because #1 - it's FLAG football, and #2 - he's so darn good at it!  He's a natural.  He throws that ball straight and far with great accuracy.  He also LOVES to run.  When he turns on those jets there aren't many kids he can't catch.  It is really fun to watch him play.  All these boys are so darn cute.  And SO serious when they're out there.

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