Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bryan's hot pink cast

As a boy, you have to be pretty sure of yourself to ask for a hot pink cast.

Bryan broke his arm while trying to carry a volleyball while riding a bike to the park to meet some friends.  Mistake number one.  Mistake number two was not wearing a helmet.  Thank goodness his arm caught his fall and not his head.  Pretty sure he'll remember his helmet from now on.

When he went to get his cast he told them he wanted it to be bright pink.  Some of his friends at school (of the female variety) dared him to do it.  He thought that was great and had no issue with it.  When we got home I was the first to take a Sharpie to it.  I wrote "mom" with a nice heart next to it.  When he showed up to a joint Young Men's/Young Women's activity at the church that night, he held up his arm and made some comment about making sure his mom wasn't the only signature on his cast.  He also picked up a bunch at school the next day.  He was pretty happy about that.  Here it is 24 hours after getting it...
Wrapping it in bubble wrap for all his soccer games over the next month quickly got old, so he was very happy the day his cast was cut off.  If your cast wasn't evidence enough Bryan, you can be assured, you are definitely loved!

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