Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kyle's Field Trip to the Arizona Science Center

I LOVE chaperoning my kid's field trips.  It is fun to kind of be a fly on the wall and see how they are with their friends and teachers.  This was a really fun one.  The Arizona Science Center is an amazing place with a never ending wealth of fun things to learn and do.  We loved every minute!

This was an exhibit made to look like the the human gastrointestinal tract.  Kyle went down a slide inside the intestine to get "pooped out" at the bottom...

This was probably Kyle's favorite exhibit.  It was a huge, slanted enclosure full of sand.  Water would come out every few minutes from the pipes towards the top, and drain down toward the other end.  The kids could use the dirt to build streams and lakes - illustrating how water erodes things and travels.  He had so much fun!

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