Friday, June 17, 2011


I LOVE that my children love to read as much as I do!  One of the things we all look forward to at Christmas is the tower of new reading material.  I am on the lookout through the year for new books or series of books my children might enjoy.  I secretly stockpile them, just waiting for Christmas when I can finally let them loose on my children.  In the days following Christmas there's lots of playing with fun new toys, but there are also moments of absolute silence where everyone in the family is curled up in a comfortable corner somewhere reading nonstop and into the night.  I end up reading their books too!

In the pictures below, Kyle is reading to Jace.  Jace is the son of a couple of my closest friends, Josh & Sarah Carroll.  They became like family to us when we were living in Texas, far away from our own families.  They just moved back here to Arizona this summer and we LOVE having them so close again!

Kyle and Jace were holed away in Kyle's room on his bed with Kyle reading and Jace listening intently.  No one else was around.  We snuck over and peeked through the door without them knowing we were there...

Jace starting to get a little sleepy...(way to go Kyle!)

I love my little Kyle.  He's not so little anymore.  That has both a happy and a sad side.  It's so fun to watch him learn and grow and excel, but it is also a little bit hard to watch my youngest outgrow different things that are cute about being little.  But mostly it is absolutely amazing, beautiful, and fun!  I feel very blessed to be a mother to these wonderful four amazing people!

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