Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where are you hiding little Easter egg?

My kids always look forward to our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  This year we added something new.  Mark's sister, Jen, told me they had started adding money to a few of the eggs to make it interesting for their older kids.  Funny thing was she said that the youngest ones always ended up with all the money!!  We decided that sounded fun so we added coins to a few of the eggs, three $1 bills to three of the eggs, and a $5 bill to one.  We always hide all the eggs then start with the youngest and move up to the oldest.  We go one at a time with each child getting to find the same amount of eggs.  This keeps the tears at bay.  It also makes it a lot tougher on the older kids...the easy eggs have already been found.  Here was the hunt...

 Kyle was up first.  Don't you just love how in all his pictures he's losing his shorts - guess they were a little big?
 Aunt Kacie and Morgan were there to lend a hand when one egg was a little too high for Kyle...but he spotted it!

 Grandpa lent a hand with this one...
Aunt Heidi was enjoying the suspense!
 Colton's turn...

 And now Morgan...

 Bryan's turn always takes two to three times longer than the other kids because he has to find the eggs that were hidden the best...sometimes even we have forgotten where they were hidden and we have to find them again and then give a few hints narrowing down the area to search in.

 The egg ninja strikes again!  Hi YAH!!

 Nobody was allowed to open any eggs until everyone was done searching, then we went around the room taking turns watching each child open all their eggs.  Here are Kyle's...
 ...and true to Jen's experience the youngest gets the most cash!

 Colton found all three of the eggs with the $1 bills.

 Do you like Morgan's fake "Oh gee, thanks for the nickels!" face?
 Bryan was a good sport about his nickels.  Candy isn't a bad substitute for cash!
 My mom, Morgan, and my sister Kacie.
 Me, my dad, and Kyle.

Happy Easter!!!

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