Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cold Clarinet

We will tease Morgan about this story for the rest of her life...

This morning while getting ready to leave for school Morgan could not find her clarinet.  She needed it for band today.  She began to get tearful when she had turned the house upside-down and it was nowhere to be found.  I, on the other hand, was getting angry.  I informed her that if she had lost that clarinet she was going to spend over a year trying to pay it off to her dad and I.  She was picturing how long it would take to earn $200.

After both of us had searched the house I told her that she had probably left it at school.  She assured me she had it that morning and she didn't think it was at school.  There was nowhere else to look, so I told her she needed to call me from school in the next 30 minutes and let me know if she had found it there.

She called me 30 minutes clarinet.

When she called I was at Sam's Club picking up milk.  When I got home and proceeded to put the milk away in the garage refrigerator - lo and behold...the clarinet was inside the fridge!

I don't know if she mixed up her lunch with the clarinet?  They both have handles...she keeps her lunch in that outside fridge...who knows.  I had a good laugh and so did the secretary in the front office at the school when I dropped it off.  That was one cool clarinet!

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Maria said...

Poor girl! She was in a hurry.