Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who needs a Weed-Eater when you've got a Bryan?

Ok.  This scene just cracks me up.  So Bryan has been dealing with his very frugal father who did not want to break down and buy a new weed-eater.  Therefore, Bryan would end up in tears every weekend, completely frustrated by this machine refusing to work right.  One Saturday I looked out to the backyard to see this...
 Yes, that is a pair of scissors in his hands.  He proceeded to edge the entire back and front yards...with a pair of scissors.  That was preferable to dealing with the "darn, freakin' stupid weed-eater" (his words).  Since then, Mark finally elected to have the old weed-eater fixed (no, he still didn't spring for a new one).  Bryan is very happy to finally put down the pair of scissors.

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Harris Family said...

Tell Bry that I did that one time in UT when I couldn't wait for Kevin to edge and I couldn't get the weed-eater going! :)