Friday, May 7, 2010


We were all very excited about our new beanbag...until we had to cleanup the mess it made.  The beanbag filling comes compacted in several different bags.  It seemed simple the bags while they are sitting inside the beanbag cover, then close the bag and fluff it up.


The static charged pieces of foam floated all over the room - sticking to everything they touched.  This was how the kids decided to clean it up (note the rake).  I thought they were pretty ingenious.
  I think we were still finding foam a week later.  By the way, the beanbag is from Comfy SacksThey are quite a bit cheaper than Love Sacks.  This one is actually not green like it looks (that is just the inner cover).  We picked chocolate brown for the outer cover.  When fluffed to its full size it is is 8 ft. wide.

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