Friday, July 9, 2010

ward campout 2010...Arizona is NOT all desert

When I first moved to Arizona I had no idea they had mountains rivaling the beauty of my beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.  I have been informed that half of the state consists of these beautiful, pine-covered mountain ranges with beautiful lakes and streams, meadows, valleys, and cliffs.  There are also beautiful desert rock formations.  I have really fallen in love with Arizona.  I still am not fond of desert landscaping, and chose not to have any at my house, but I have also grown to appreciate the beauty of the desert (as long as I get to keep my lush, green landscape surrounding my actual house).

Our ward puts together a really fun family campout every summer.  So far, for the 3 summers we have been here, it has been 2 1/2 hours away at a place called Clint's Well.  It is beautiful there. 

And not hot.

Let me repeat.  It's not hot.

That is one of the best parts...getting out of the July heat of Phoenix and escaping to the beautiful mountains where the temperature is at least 30 degrees cooler.  Ward members bring tents, campers, quads, dirt bikes, jeeps, and everyone explores the beautiful Arizona mountains.  We enjoyed lots of good food and great conversation with friends.  

This year the only thing missing was my dear husband.  He had to work, so I went just me and my kids.  Bryan (my amazing Scout) and I set up an awesome camp with two tents and even a solar shower (I can't go without rinsing off every day - even though everyone laughs at me)!  I can't wait to go back next summer!

 Cutie-pie Kyle!

 My friend, Carrie & Morgan's friend, Macey.  We drove 5 minutes from the campsite to a great reservoir so the kids could fish.

 Colton (my very capable cub scout) & Kyle having so much fun fishing together!

 Me and my two youngest boys.

 Colton hanging out with his partner in crime...Ty.

 Kyle, doing anything but relaxing, on the hammock (check out the kids face behind him...yah, dirt - that's what camping's all about!).

 Morgan and her friends.

Bryan and his buddies.

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